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HOLEFR Variables Description
HoleFrRef Hole Feature Reference number
HoleFrType Hole Type
HoleFrCS Hole CS number
HoleFrRevCS CS number for opposite direction
HoleFrThroughType Though Hole Type
HoleFrDia Overall Diameter
HoleFrDiaTop Diameter at Top of Hole
HoleFrDepth Total Depth
HoleFrMidDepth Mid Depth
HoleFrFullDepth Full Depth
HoleFrTopClear Top Clearance Amount
HoleFrBottomClear Bottom Clearance Amount
HoleFrTopZ Top Z
HoleFrBottomZ Bottom Z
HoleFrTop Top
HoleFrBottom Bottom
HoleFrWidth Width
HoleFrAngle Angle
HoleFrTipAngle Tip Angle
HoleFrPosX Hole Position
HoleFrPosY measured at the
HoleFrPosZ bottom of the hole
HoleFrPosTopX Hole Position
HoleFrPosTopY measured at the
HoleFrPosTopZ top of the hole
HoleFrPosAxisX Axis vector
HoleFrPosAxisY measured from
HoleFrPosAxisZ bottom to top