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These variables are set by some of the macro commands Description
PointRef Reference number of point created
LineRef Reference number of line created
CircleRef Reference number of circle created
ContourRef Reference number of contour created
SolidRef Reference number of solid created
ExcelError Error code set by all Excel commands (0 = no error)
ExcelCellLength Length of text read from a cell in characters
FileError Error code set by all file commands (0 = no error)
ReadVarsNumVars Number of variables read using READ_NUM_VARS command
HoleFrError Error code set by all HOLEFR commands (0 = no error)
CsNumber Number of CS created
WgNumber Number of WorkGroup created
Button Number of button pressed on macro dialog (0 = OK button)

The HOLEFR_GET_FEAT command sets these variables.

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