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! look at process tiles 1 to 5 and find out if there
! is a process defined and if that process is selected.
! then deselect all processes and select the first
! of these processes that is defined, if there is one.
! ---------------------------------------------------

get_proc_list_shown ishown  ! check to see if process tiles list is shown
if ishown<>1 then show_proc_list
msg$ = "First 5 processes" + crlf$
iproc = 0
for i=1 to 5  ! check first 5 processes
a$ = "Process %i"

get_proc_status i, istatus
if istatus=0 then a$=a$ + " Not Defined"
if istatus<0 then a$=a$ + " Not Complete"

if istatus=1 then get_proc_selected i, isel
if istatus=1 then if isel=0 then a$=a$ + " Not Selected"
if istatus=1 then if isel=1 then a$=a$ + " Is Selected"

if istatus=1 then if iproc=0 then iproc=i

eval_text a$
msg$ = msg$ + crlf$ + a$
next i
message msg$
if iproc=0 then stop "No processes found"
select_proc iproc
message "Select the first complete process"