Modify Op Path

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local a$, iop, inum, dist, i


check part_open, "You must have a part open to run this macro"

!    make sure at least 1 op is selected
!    -----------------------------------

get_op_list 1
inum = number_of_ops

if inum<1 then stop "Please select an operation to update"

!    save the list of selected ops
!    -----------------------------

global iop_list(inum)

for i=1 to inum

iop_list(i) = next_op_number

next i

dist = 3

for i=1 to inum

iop = iop_list(i)

a$ = "Modify Op Path " + format$(iop, "###0")
progress_start a$

call "ModifyOpPath1.mac", iop, dist


next i

if inum=1 then message "Finished, updated 1 Operation"
if inum>1 then message "Finished, updated %inum Operations"