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EXCEL_OPEN <filename>

Opens an existing excel document for use in the macro.


Filename as either text in double quotes, or a text variable.
If the filename does not contain full path information, then the file will be opened in the same folder as the macro.

Note: in GibbsCAM 2015 the drivers used to open excel documents were changed.

You no longer need to have a copy of Excel on your system, but one effect of this is that the option to open an Excel file and to display it has been removed.
Microsoft no longer support the editing of an Excel file and reading the edited file from another application whilst it is remains open.
You need to open it (with Excel, or another application), make edits, save and close the file, only then you can open it to read it from a macro.
See the "ImportTools3.mac" in the "ImportTools example macro for one way of doing this.


EXCEL_OPEN "macro.xlsx"