What is the GibbsCAM Macro Wiki?

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What is a Wiki?

For a complete explanation and history of Wiki development, this Wikipedia web page is the best resource. In short, a Wiki allows a selected group of users to directly edit and manage online content. The most well known example of a Wiki is Wikipedia.

Why use a Wiki?

The GibbsCAM Macro Wiki is a collaborative project aimed at providing an up to date, complete manual for GibbsCAM Macros. A Wiki allows us to quickly and easily update content. In addition, Wiki software provides several excellent tools that make content management much more streamlined for documentation and collaboration.

Who can edit this Wiki?

The main editors of this Wiki are the Gibbs Developers. In addition, the Documentation team utilizes this forum to respond to user feedback and the latest development changes.

How do I use this Wiki?

There are three major ways to navigate these pages to find the commands you are looking for.

  • First, the major categories on the Main Page reflect the traditional arrangement of the GibbsCAM Macro manual.
  • Second, each command is also cross-listed across multiple relevant categories. You can navigate to these categories in several ways.
    • In the left hand menu, the Special Pages link provides direct access to all categories. If you are looking for all Geometry commands, clicking on the Geometry link will list all commands associated with Geometry.
    • At the bottom of each command, all the categories that this command falls under are listed, clicking on one of these links will take you to the wider group of related topics
  • Third, you can search for the command or topic you need. The search box in the left hand column provides full text search across all current entries in the Wiki.

How do I provide feedback?

For questions regarding general appearance, navigating the wiki, layout or typographical errors: Wiki Questions

Technical questions or to report a bug with a command: Wiki Commands