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GET_OP_PATH <op number>
SET_OP_PATH <op number>
TRANSLATE_OP_PATH <dx> <dy> <dz>
ROTATE_OP_PATH <xc> <yc> <zc> <angle>
ADD_OP_MARKER <op number> <marker type> <feature num> <param> <value> <marker number>
ADD_OP_PATH_POINT <x> <y> <z>
ADD_OP_PATH_RAPID <xe> <ye> <ze>
ADD_OP_PATH_LINE <xe> <ye> <ze>
ADD_OP_PATH_ARC <xe> <ye> <ze> <xc> <yc> <zx> <rad> <dir>
ADD_OP_PATH_THREAD <xe> <ye> <ze>
ADD_OP_PATH_CTOOL <type> <x> <y> <z>
DEFINE_PATH_LIST <number of paths>
CLEAR_PATH <path number>
COPY_PATH <source path number> <new path number>
TRANSLATE_PATH <path number> <dx> <dy> <dz>
ROTATE_PATH <path number> <vx> <vy> <vz> <angle>
MIRROR_PATH <path number> <axis> <axis value>
REVERSE_PATH <path number>
GET_PATH_NUM_FEAT <path number> <number of features>
GET_PATH_FEAT_TYPE <path number> <feature number> <type>
GET_PATH_FEAT_LEN <path number> <feature number> <length>
GET_PATH_FEAT_START <path number> <feature number> <xs> <ys> [<zs>]
GET_PATH_FEAT_END <path number> <feature number> <xs> <ys> [<zs>]
GET_PATH_FEAT_ARC_DATA <path number> <feature number> <rad> <dir> <xc> <yc> [<zc>]
GET_PATH_FEAT_CTOOL <path number> <feature number> <type> <x> <y> <z>
CREATE_PATH <path number> <xs> <ys> <zs>
ADD_PATH_FEAT <path number> <x> <y> <z>
ADD_PATH_POINT <path number> <x> <y> <z>
ADD_PATH_RAPID <path number> <xe> <ye> <ze>
ADD_PATH_LINE <path number> <xe> <ye> <ze>
ADD_PATH_ARC <path number> <xe> <ye> <ze> <xc> <yc> <zx> <rad> <dir>
ADD_PATH_THREAD <path number> <xe> <ye> <ze>
ADD_PATH_CTOOL <path number> <type> <x> <y> <z>
GET_OP_NUM_MARKERS <op number> <num markers>
GET_OP_MARKER_TYPE <op number> <marker num> <type> [<sub type>]
GET_OP_FEED_MARKER <op number> <marker num> <feature num> <param> <value> <type>
GET_OP_SPEED_MARKER <op number> <marker num> <feature num> <param> <value> <fwd/rev>
GET_OP_OFFSET_MARKER <op number> <marker num> <feature num> <param> <value> <tool/explicit>
GET_OP_TEXT_MARKER <op number> <marker num> <feature num> <param> <string>
GET_OP_CRC_MARKER <op number> <marker num> <feature num> <param> <value> <type>
GET_OP_DWELL_MARKER <op number> <marker num> <feature num> <param> <value> <sec/rev>
GET_OP_STOP_MARKER <op number> <marker num> <feature num> <param> <value>
ADD_OP_FEED_MARKER <op number> <feature num> <param> <value> <type> <marker num>
ADD_OP_SPEED_MARKER <op number> <feature num> <param> <value> <fwd/rev> <marker num>
ADD_OP_OFFSET_MARKER <op number> <feature num> <param> <value> <tool/explicit> <marker num>
ADD_OP_TEXT_MARKER <op number> <feature num> <param> <string> <marker num>
ADD_OP_CRC_MARKER <op number> <feature num> <param> <value> <type> <marker num>
ADD_OP_DWELL_MARKER <op number> <feature num> <param> <value> <sec/rev> <marker num>
ADD_OP_STOP_MARKER <op number> <feature num> <param> <value> <marker num>
DELETE_OP_MARKER <op number> <marker num>
GET_OP_NUM_FEAT <op number> <num features>
GET_OP_FEAT_TYPE <op number> <feature num> <type>
GET_OP_FEAT_LEN <op number> <feature num> <len>
GET_OP_FEAT_START <op number> <feature num> <xs> <ys> [<zs>]
GET_OP_FEAT_END <op number> <feature num> <xe> <ye> [<ze>]
GET_OP_FEAT_ARC_DATA <op number> <feature num> <rad> <dir> <xc> <yc> [<zc>]
GET_OP_PATH_END <op number> <xe> <ye> <ze>
GET_OP_PATH_START <op number> <xs> <ys> <zs>
GET_PATH_END <path number> <xe> <ye> <ze>
GET_PATH_FEAT_ANGLES <path number> <feature number> <start angle> <end angle> <included angle>
GET_PATH_START <path number> <xs> <ys> <zs>