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LOAD_PROCESS <process filename> [<clear process list> <exact match>]

Load an existing process (.prc) file.


<process filename>
Process filename. Use the complete pathname if it is not in the same folder as the macro.
<clear process list>
0=Do not clear the process tile list before loading the process file. 1=Clear the list (default).
<exact match>
0=Do not use exact matching (default). 1=Use exact matching.

Exact matching means that an existing tool will only be used if it is an exact match for the one in the process file, otherwise a new tool will be created.
The exact match option was added in GibbsCAM version 11.2.7


LOAD_PROCESS "shape.prc"
LOAD_PROCESS "shape2.prc", 1, 0

For an example macro see Use_Saved_Process