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Command Version Number
GET_PROC_STATUS <process number> <status>
GET_PROC_SELECTED <process number> <selected>
GET_PROC_DATA <process number> <parameter> <value>
SET_PROC_DATA <process number> <parameter> <value>
GET_UTIL_PROC_DATA <process number> <parameter> <value>
SET_UTIL_PROC_DATA <process number> <parameter> <value>
GET_UTIL_PROC_NUM_FIELDS <process number> <number of fields> 13, 8, 36
GET_UTIL_PROC_FIELD_NAME <process number> <field number> <field name> 13, 8, 36
GET_BASIC_UTIL_PROC_NAME <process number> <variable>
SET_BASIC_UTIL_PROC_NAME <process number> <value>
GET_BASIC_UTIL_PROC_DATA <process number> <parameter type> <parameter name> <variable>
SET_BASIC_UTIL_PROC_DATA <process number> <parameter type> <parameter name> <value>
GET_CUSTOM_PROC_NAME <process number> <variable>
SET_CUSTOM_PROC_NAME <process number> <value>